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Started his professional electronic music experience in high school. At first, his genre of profession was a mixture of Hip Hop and Rap music. Making beats and producing melodies for these genres made him an expert in down-tempo electronic music genres such as Chill Out, House, Deep House, etc. Years later after knowing some famous electronic artists; he found out that Electronic music suited his taste better, in the beginning, he started his job as a DJ, for events like opening ceremonies, anniversaries, restaurants, and underground parties.


Some of the most popular places that he performed back in Tehran were “Enghelab Sport Complex”, “iFit- Pro”, and “93streetwear social and commercial events.
But because of the pandemic and canceling all events, he added a new path to his musical journey and started making podcasts and mixtapes for various brands and stores, and became a Frisky Radio artist and started his show in Frisky Radio; now his “Deep Intuition” monthly show is one of the popular shows in Frisky Radio.
He moved to Istanbul/Turkey in 2021 and in less than a month he started working with lots of clubs, bars, and events like Milo, Suma beach, Vibe, Pasha, and …
He soon became a Radio2020 member and the only Iranian DJ for their private parties next to most familiar Turkish DJs. Now Heatiack moved to Dubai and started Djing in private events like the famous DXB Boat parties.


Back in Tehran, he used to work at TenzuMusic (a well-known professional instrument store) and had the chance to know so many artists. Because of that, Sohrab improved his production skills which led him to his first release in 2020. It has been a self-release, though, he has worked with various record labels such as Storm music, Data tech, Late night recordings, Eastern Disco, Zolotaya Orda, Trippy Code, Only the best, Feel Hype, Istanbul Records(Sonar), Adrenaline Records so far and now his tunes are available on many streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, Youtube Music, Beatport, etc.
At the moment he works as a freelance audio engineer and music producer as well.